Rishikesh – Near and Dear

Six weeks in India, and hardly a word written! In so many ways, this trip to India was vastly different than my last two. The primary purpose of this trip was four very intense weeks of yoga teacher training which left me energetically depleted, and although I found myself highly inspired in countless ways, I also found myself needing to conserve all my extra energy, which meant foregoing any physical or mental endeavors that weren’t part of my studies. And of course, a week of sickness in tandem with temperatures considerably warmer than I’m used to didn’t help my creative motivations at all.

Me and my fantastic meditation instructor. While we did not study any traditional yogic meditation techniques, we did dance… a lot. He comes from the Osho lineage and we learned a whole lot about different ways in which one can move deeper inward that have nothing to do with sitting still… and as an ex-dancer, this resonated deeply for me.
A little “relaxation” after a particularly deep hip opening class.

While teacher training took up the vast majority of my time here, I still had many pockets of time filled with meaningful moments outside the yoga studio, and in many ways, because my entire circumstance here was different than on previous trips, Rishikesh opened up to me in an entirely different way. Staying uphill in a quiet neighborhood, away from the crowds, afforded me a different, more local view of this town I love, and likewise, being surrounded by locals (teachers and staff) as well as other students who had already had a chance to explore, helped me explore places I might not otherwise have found.

Two things your certain to see everyday… a beautiful sunset and a beautiful temple.
Looking out over the jungle.


Teacher training aside, my time in Rishikesh still managed to bring me the very thing I love most about traveling: meaningful experiences… and as is always the case, I had many of them.

Circumstances being what they were and social media being what it is, instead of spending time writing the way I normally would,  I found myself telling “short stories” on Instagram about the people I encountered or experiences I had instead. And so, instead of the narrative with which I normally approach my blog posts, I am choosing to take the same ‘short story’ approach here as well. But before I begin (in upcoming posts) here are some of the faces and places that keep Rishikesh near and dear to my heart.

Lord Shiva sits peacefully on the banks of the holy river.
Chilling, Rishikesh style.


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