Life. That’s what this is about. Aliveness. Exploration. Experience. It’s about the magical, mysterious unknown and the constant, unwaivering desire to know. The walking into unfamilliar, frightening territory and coming out the other side with nothing but gratitude and gifts, all fears forgotten.

On this path, the destination is only as beautiful as the journey, and life is only as beautiful as you perceive it to be. And all that beauty… it is exactly where you decide to look for it… waiting to be discovered, buried by apathy, concealed by fear.

Well my friend, apathy is a slow, painful death and fear is a liar. We are here to feel. Everything.

So go. Find expansiveness in your unknown. Turn around and shift your perspective. Lose your mind in the magic of each breath you get to take. Take a step. Any step. Walk into the dark caves of your soul and light a terrifyingly big, beautiful fire.

The journey is waiting…


Barbara Blum


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