Jodhpur: What a Joy

February 21-23, 2017 Turns out, despite the way my time here ended, Jodhpur is a love at first sight city. Beginning at the airport, where not a single soul clamors for my taxi dollar, and on the way into Old Town, where traffic is manageable and borderline polite, Jodhpur has a sense of order and … Continue reading Jodhpur: What a Joy

Interrupting Our Regularly Scheduled Program…

Moving out of chronological order for a moment, I had to write about my unfortunate experience leaving Jodhpur (a place I absolutely loved and will post about soon enough.) I had a late morning flight to Delhi and with an extra couple hours to fill before departure, I decided to take a final walk around … Continue reading Interrupting Our Regularly Scheduled Program…

The Gift of Goa -Ashwem Beach, India

February 17-20, 2017 I arrived at the glorious Ashwem beach in North Goa late at night, and the very first thing that struck my senses was the sky. Far away from city lights, millions of stars hover overhead, shining bright against the pitch black backdrop of sky, and Venus, glowing bigger and brighter than I've ever … Continue reading The Gift of Goa -Ashwem Beach, India

The Most Famous Ashram – Rishikesh, India

A trip to Rishikesh is not complete without a visit to the Ashram of Yogi Maharishi Mahesh, also known as the "Beatles Ashram." The old, long-abandoned ashram was made famous after the Beatles stayed there in the late 60's... a visit that ushered them into an era of prolific songwriting as a result of their … Continue reading The Most Famous Ashram – Rishikesh, India

Coming Home – Rishikesh, India

February 6-17, 2017 Rishikesh is one of the very few places in all my travels that I made a pointed decision to revisit. I fell in love with this small Himalayan town on the Ganges just over a year ago and I admit that as I planned this trip, I had a moment of wondering … Continue reading Coming Home – Rishikesh, India

Old Towns and Fire Rituals – Varanasi, India -Part 2

February 5, 2017 Old Town One of the best ways to see any city is to walk it, and my favorite way to go about that is to just set off on my own and wander, exploring off the beaten track and discovering hidden gems. Varanasi, however, is not the place for such initiative. Even … Continue reading Old Towns and Fire Rituals – Varanasi, India -Part 2

Enticed by the Flames – Varanasi, India – Part 1

February 3, 2017 Varanasi will incite you. Coming here throws you into another universe and it seems an impossibility to visit this place and not be provoked on some level, which if you are paying attention is an excellent opportunity to expand your current perspective and  look at the world with greater objectivity. Varanasi is … Continue reading Enticed by the Flames – Varanasi, India – Part 1

Ladies and Elephants – Jaipur, India

February 1, 2017 The Ladies The big excursion for the day, and something I had been looking forward to for quite some time, was a visit to an elephant sanctuary. But before I describe my time with the elephants I must talk about an unplanned experience that in retrospect almost supersedes my excitement about the … Continue reading Ladies and Elephants – Jaipur, India

Jaipur! The (Sort of) Pink City

January 31, 2017 First things first: the Pink City isn't actually pink. It's more of an apricot color, but the charm of the walled Old City holds fast no matter the  color descriptive. Arriving in the dark, starving and tired, we are thrilled to find out that the rooftop restaurant in our hotel, The Peacock, … Continue reading Jaipur! The (Sort of) Pink City