Chillin Near China – Northern Vietnam

November 22-24, 2015 As is my prevailing penchant, I wanted to venture far off the beaten path for some of my time in northern Vietnam, and so hired a guide for three days to travel north from Hanoi through the mountainous region of Ba Be Lake and Cao Bang, going as far as the border of … Continue reading Chillin Near China – Northern Vietnam

Darjeeling, More than Tea – India

October 28-30, 2015 Getting to this antiquated hill station is no easy task. Having been in India for over 3 weeks now, I fully understand the traffic (total insanity) and the roads (completely unmaintained) but did not anticipate these two factors hosting a 2-way thoroughfare on a single-lane road going up the side of a … Continue reading Darjeeling, More than Tea – India