Prologue – India, Myanmar, Vietnam Oct-Nov 2015

Here we go.

Eight weeks, three countries, countless cities, towns, villages, archaic ruins, astonishing monuments, temples, tombs, churches, mosques, sacred spaces, ancient mountain caves, jungle caves, river caves, glacial rivers, holy rivers, river rituals, sunrise rituals, old-world traditions, candle light, flashlight, moonlight, mantras, mandalas, monks, mystics, monasteries, prayer flags, gurus, Himalayan peaks, urban wealth, overcrowding, congested city streets, dirt roads, wooden shacks, no English, smiling children, unspeakable poverty, the human spirit, hot sun, warm rain, desolate beaches, party beaches, roof-top bars, temple-top sunsets, hill-top waterfalls, crystal clear seas, clean mountain air, dusty-polluted air, constant noise, deafening silence, religious chanting, vibrant colors, food smells, animal smells, people smells, exhaust smells, stray dogs, starving cows, aggressive monkeys, tea estates, authentic chai, local brews, food stalls, mysterious ingredients, sidewalk cafes, home-cooked meals(!) hotels, guesthouses, ashrams, meditation halls, homestays, trains, planes, buses, cars, boats, scooters, bicycles, tuk-tuks, horse-pulled carts, hot air balloons(!) an elephant(?) walking, more walking, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, meditation, pranayama, outdoor asana, no lycra, no makeup, no pretense, no judgement, no expectations, sun salutations, prayers at dawn, reflection at dusk, star-gazing, sky-watching, consciousness-expanding, photographing, documenting, journaling, absorbing, sharing, surrendering, (very little) sleep and most likely, just maybe… a few moments of self-indulgent luxuriating.

To say I am kind of excited is like saying this trip will be kind of interesting – it’s inadequate at best. I don’t yet know all the ways in which the next 2 months will effect me, but that it will be transformative, is certain.

Yep… here we go.

About to learn how little I actually need…


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