Vipassana Meditation Center – Nasik, India

October 7-18, 2015 Impermanence. Have be you ever really stopped to consider just how temporary every incarnation of life is? From the moment of our conception, we are an ever-evolving, never-resting cluster of cells... perpetually changing, growing, multiplying, degenerating and regenerating... not one cell ever staying the same. Day to day, the change is imperceptible, … Continue reading Vipassana Meditation Center – Nasik, India

Unshakeable Thoughts on the Poverty

I guess it's partially because I'm an American and did not grow up surrounded by this kind of poverty (and partially because I am an incredibly sensitive soul) that I find the magnitude of the poor in India so shocking and I just cannot shake the feeling of heartache it leaves in me. I cannot … Continue reading Unshakeable Thoughts on the Poverty