Namaste, My Friend – Rishikesh Part 2 – India

October 26 & 27, 2015 Early morning, before all the street vendors have set up, I walk through the quiet village on my way to breakfast, pausing to sit on one of the stairwells leading down to the river, smelling the subtle incense that permeates the air. At this hour, the river is a surprising … Continue reading Namaste, My Friend – Rishikesh Part 2 – India

Om Namaha Shiva – Rishikesh Part 1 – India

October 24 & 25, 2015 Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas and built along either side of the sacred Ganges river near its source, Rishikesh has a beautiful intensity that is entirely unlike every other place I've been so far. While still densely populated, the chaos is severely dialed down, letting the natural beauty … Continue reading Om Namaha Shiva – Rishikesh Part 1 – India

The One, The Only…

The incomparable Taj Mahal. Most of these photos are the stereotypical shots everyone takes, and that is unavoidable... but I assure you there is not a single thing about this iconic structure that is typical. Forget all the facts and figures about how long it took to build the Taj Mahal, the number of people … Continue reading The One, The Only…

Gorgeous Goa (and getting there.)

October 18-21, 2015 I will admit, I've been a little stressed since I arrived in India. Bombay was super intense and although I absolutely loved my time at the caves in Aurangabad, the logistics of traveling from place to place has been difficult. And of course there was my time at Vipassana.... wonderfully transformative, but … Continue reading Gorgeous Goa (and getting there.)

Vipassana Meditation Center – Nasik, India

October 7-18, 2015 Impermanence. Have be you ever really stopped to consider just how temporary every incarnation of life is? From the moment of our conception, we are an ever-evolving, never-resting cluster of cells... perpetually changing, growing, multiplying, degenerating and regenerating... not one cell ever staying the same. Day to day, the change is imperceptible, … Continue reading Vipassana Meditation Center – Nasik, India

Prologue – India, Myanmar, Vietnam Oct-Nov 2015

Here we go. Eight weeks, three countries, countless cities, towns, villages, archaic ruins, astonishing monuments, temples, tombs, churches, mosques, sacred spaces, ancient mountain caves, jungle caves, river caves, glacial rivers, holy rivers, river rituals, sunrise rituals, old-world traditions, candle light, flashlight, moonlight, mantras, mandalas, monks, mystics, monasteries, prayer flags, gurus, Himalayan peaks, urban wealth, overcrowding, … Continue reading Prologue – India, Myanmar, Vietnam Oct-Nov 2015